Specialty 2015


OESFI Specialty Show 2.8.2015

Place: Merikarvia, Mericamping
Palosaarentie 67, 29900 Merikarvia

Judge: Susanna Malacrida, Italia (dei Nobilpazzi OES)

It's time to head back to Finland again as the annual specialty show will be held 2.8.2015 in Merikarvia. The day before (1.8.2015) there will be an international dog show in Pori, so this weekend there is a change for 2 CAC's and 1 CACIB!
Our Judge will be Susanna Malacrida from Italy. She has been judging OES for around 20 years but this summer she will make a debut in Finland.

You don't want to miss this show, prizes are amazing and atmosphere great! So we'll see you in August!

Baby Puppy Class 5 to 7 months
Puppy Class 7 to 9 months
Junior Class 9 to 18 months
Intermediate Class 15 to 24 months
Open Class over 15 months
Champion Class over 15 months
Veteran Class over 8 years
Breeders Class = Four dogs from the same breeder. All dogs must be awarded excellent or very good in this show. Breeder can compete with one group only.
Progeny Class = Group of four dogs that are all offspring from either the same male or female and they have been awarded excellent or very good in this show.
Short Cut = For short cut dogs who fulfill official show criterions, junior-, intermediate-, open-, champion- and veteran class
Freestyle = Open to all dogs who fill the Finnish Kennel Clubs vaccination and antidoping regulations. Including those breed representatives, who may not fulfill all the official show criterions, for example those missing testicles, having incorrect bites, those whose coats are not in show condition, style is free! No quality- or written critiques are given in this class. Four best males and females are placed, BOB and BOS will be chosen among class winners.
Brace Competition = Two similar type of OES that are shown together by one handler.

2.7.2015 at the latest:
members 35 € / non-members 39 €
starting from 2nd dog of the same owner members 29 € / non-members 33 €
Puppies, veterans, short cut 29 €
Freestyle 10 €
Brace competition 5€
Breeders and progeny classes are free of charge.
Veterans over 10 years are free when entered in veteran class.

18.7.2015 at the latest:
members 40 € / non-members 44 €
starting from 2nd dog of the same owner members 34 € / non-members 39 €
Puppies, veterans, short cut 34 €
Freestyle 10 €
Brace competition 5€
Breeders and progeny classes are free of charge.
Veterans over 10 years are free when entered in veteran class.

Online entry
Entry is organized in co-operation with Pawdium. You can find the link from the left sidebar.
If for some reason you can't entry via online entry, please send the Kennel Clubs form with the receipt of payment to nayttelytoimikunta@oesfi.com

Dogs entered in champion class cannot compete for the challenge certificate, if the dog is already a Finnish Show Champion. If mentioned certificates are missing, the dog will be automatically entered in "Open Class"

The Anti-Doping rules, approved by the Council of the Finnish Kennel Club (27.11.2005) have come into force on 1.1.2007. These rules concern all the shows, trials and tests approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. Visit also www.kennelliitto.fi for current information.

Advertise in the show catalogue!
Advertisements (jpg tai pdf) 2.7. at the latest to nayttelytoimikunta@oesfi.com
Pay the ad when entering!

Full page A5

30 € first page, 15 € following page.
Reduced fees for OESFI Club Members
20 € first page, 12 € following page.


Club has reserved a limited amount of cottages and caravan places from the camping area. You can book accommodation straight from their web pages www.mericamping.fi
Please mention the Old English Sheepdog Club when booking!

Other accommodation possibilities in Merikarvia can be found from here http://www.merikarvia.fi/?p=/matkailu_ja_vapaa_aika/majoituspalvelut_ruoka__ja_kahvipaikat

Please note that in Pori there will be the international dog show, sports event and music festival at the same weekend, so hurry with booking your accommodation!


There is a possibility to have lunch at the showground. It costs 8,5€/person and needs to be confirmed in advance. You can book the lunch when entering or 22.7. at the latest via e-mail nayttelytoimikunta@oesfi.com

Pori Dog Show
1.8. International Dog Show in Pori (FCI group 1), a chance for CACIB. For more information visit www.porikv.com