Numbers will come via e-mail next week. Here's the estimated time schedule for Specialty show in Helsinki 23.7.2016


The OESFI Specialty will be held 23.7. in Helsinki. The judge will be Edy Dykstra-Blum (Bizzeeboots OES) from USA. 

In our specialty show 2.8. there is a possibility to eat lunch.

The OESFI Specialty will be held 2.8.2015 in Merikarvia.
Judge: Susanna Malacrida

Thank you for our photographer Jin Kaakinen for the wonderful pictures!

Our Specialty Show Judge Mary Anne Brocious sends her best regards and many thanks for the Club and exhibitors.

Specialty Show was held in Tuusula August 11th with a very international atmosphere, we had dogs from nine different countries and record breaking entry 85 dogs entered!
BOB Bluechannel Baron Knockout
BOS Zottels Xtravagance

Thank you for your entry to the Specialty, which will be held in Tuusula on Monday August 11th 2014! We have record-breaking entry, altogether 85 Old English Sheepdogs from nine different countries!

Get your MyDogDNA pass at the World Dog Show!

A big dog celebration coming up! First World Show and the next day OES Specialty! All of you should have received a confirmation of your entry by e-mail. If you have sent an entry and have not received a confirmation pls contact asap jenni.niittyla(at)phnet.fi. Thank you all for your entries!